BLADE RUNNER 2049 movie review by The Commander


Blade Runner 2049 movie review


by The Commander

2 (out of 4 Stars)

The long anticipated and disappointing sequel to the original Blade Runner film (1982) has finally been released. Unfortunately, it is too slow, too long, and too intelligent, is how I would I describe Blade Runner 2049. And while this film tries to stand on itself, it is very difficult to understand if you didn’t see the original film, as many of the scenes and plot lines refer back to the original movie.


At the behest of the Director’s (Denis Villeneuve) announcement at the critics screening, we were asked not to talk about many of the plot points which kind of defeats the whole purpose of doing a movie review when you’re restricted from what you can discuss. So, understanding that I will make this review as simplistic as possible without writing a proper review. 


In the future, man (through a business by the name of the Tyrell Corporation) created autonomous beings called Replicants, whose function is to help explore and colonize the planets due to the dangers to humans working in space. 


While these Replicants were supposed to have a limited life cycle, The Tyrell Corp, inadvertently created some units that ran amok, caused widespread havoc and lived longer than was authorized. A specialized police force know as Blade Runners, were created to terminate those units. Once the replicants were outlawed, the Tyrell Corp filed for bankruptcy and was later acquired by the Wallace Corporation’s Niander Wallace (Jared Leto).  Got it? Am I going too fast for you?


The main character K (Ryan Gosling) is a young LAPD Blade Runner whose job it is to terminate replicants that have failed to report for evaluation. In his exploits, he discovers a long burning secret that leads him to track down a former Blade Runner, Rick Dekard (Harrison Ford) to learn the truth about himself and the replicants. 


I was very disappointed with this film. While it is a visual masterpiece with an intricate story, I felt it was just too long, drawn out, slow paced, and a terrible waste of the acting talent of Jared Letto. There were other problems as well. The first being that this is a continuation of the original film made some 35 years prior. Therefore, unless you were familiar with the original film, you didn’t understand the vast majority of the story.  In addition, the director pulled some of the original cast members back from the (almost) dead into this current iteration with scenes that should have been left on the cutting room floor.  A perfect example is a scene where K interviews retired Blade Runner Gaff (Edward James Almos).  At the end of the scene, Gaff places a paper origami shaped animal on the table which, unless you saw the first film, has absolutely no meaning to the current audience.  Problems such as this occurred throughout the film.


I believe that this film will have difficulties connecting with today’s current movie-going audiences.  Millennials will have no connection to this film other than the title. Older audiences will most likely fall asleep during the numerous and long periods of silence.  And the Blade Runner fans will be disappointed as I was.  While the movie is in IMAX 3D, we were only shown the 2D version.  Maybe if we had, I would have given my review a more positive rating.  So, either see it in IMAX 3D or watch it on your home theatre system.  There are plenty of times to hit the pause button, take a break, and return to the inaction.


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