THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE review by The Commander


The Lego Ninjago movie


by The Commander

2 (out of 4 Stars)

What we have here is the third in a series of Lego movies that has started to run its course. OK, I loved the first Lego movie. I thought that it was fresh, bold, intelligent and a fun movie for the whole family. The idea was new, the graphics were great the story was heartwarming, and the music was wonderful, “everything was awesome”… get the pun?


Then came the sequel, The Lego Batman movie, which reprised the role of the Batman Lego character from the first movie, and expanded on his universe with Lego Robin and the rest of Gotham City Lego characters. Now we come to the third film Ninjago with some great voices such as Jackie Chan, Dave Franco, Fred Armisen, Michael Peña, Kumail Nanjiani and Zack Woods. In this iteration, new characters are brought in with a whole new story.


An evil warlord, Garmadon, whose mission is to destroy and rule the island of Ninjago, is constantly confronted by six young ninja warriors who fight for justice, Truth and the Ninjago way... or something to that effect.  However, unbeknownst to the citizens of Ninjago, the ninja warriors are actually high school students (Lloyd, Jai, Kai, Koehl, Zane and Nya) who are led by their instructor, Master Wu (Jackie Chan). It’s like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles only different but you can see the similarities. 


One day, Garmadon is successful in defeating the ninjas and takes control of the island. Lloyd a.k.a. The Green Ninja decides to travel to the other side of the island to secure the ultimate weapon to defeat Garmadon and his warriors.  But before he does he learns that Garmadon is actually his father (am I giving away too much of this movie?  Ah heck, let’s just go with it).


Guess what the ultimate secret weapon is?  It’s a cat, a real live cat. And guess what a cat would do to a Lego set. That’s right ultimate destruction, a total CAT-tastrophe, CAT-astrophic damage like the size of a CAT-egory eight earthquake. 


I must say that our feline definitely put in an a-CAT-emy award performance. The agility and balance of this creature put Jackie Chan to shame. 


I think I must be Lego’d out because I was feeling a little CAT-atonic while watching this film waiting for it to end.


While the screening I viewed was not in 3-D, it could’ve easily been watched at home instead of in a large theater with hundreds of screaming children. But what do you expect, they were all rooting for the CAT.


If you got kids, take them to see this film and buy them plenty of popcorn. If not, skip it. If you haven’t seen the prior two films there’s no reason to see this one. Unless you want to see a CAT terrorize a city.  Here Kitty, Kitty.



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