THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US movie review by The Commander


The Mountain Between Us


by The Commander
2 (out of 4 Stars)

If you’ve seen one plane crash movie you’ve seen them all. In case you haven’t, here’s the story. A plane crashes in the snowy mountains of where ever. The passengers who survived the plane crash now must figure out how to survive until they are either rescued or make it to safety. That’s usually the end of the movie. There may be an epilogue about what happens to the survivors after their rescued but basically, the story is the same. The Mountain Between Us fits into that category.

Idris Alba and Kate Winslet are our two plane crash survivors that must forge a bond between them in order to survive the elements of a snow-covered mountain while risking their lives to make it to safety.  How did they crash?  They foolishly let Beau Bridges (75 years old) pilot a small charter plane who suffers a stroke while in flight and crashes the plane.

This is a good time to remind each and every one of you that when flying on an airplane, private or commercial, always stick your head in the cockpit when boarding and check out the age of the pilots. If they got gray hair, gray beards and are drinking a pint of whiskey, you may want to turn around and catch another flight.

And of course, there has to be tension between our characters which comes in the form of a... Nah, I’m not gonna give away this part of the story. And I’m not gonna tell you what happens at the end. I’m going to make you suffer through this longer than required film to get the answers.

The biggest problem that I had with this film was that the photography was mostly on top of a mountain with stunning views of the breathtaking scenery.  It should have been filmed in IMAX. That would have made this film worthwhile seeing on a large screen format. However, since they decide against it (maybe for financial reasons) you can skip the box office and watch this on your 4K or HD TV at home. Save your money, this is not a popcorn film and doesn’t require you leaving the sanctity of your own home.

The only redeeming part of this film that I really enjoyed was… Did I forget to tell you about the dog?