THE BIG SICK movie review by The Commander



 The Big Sick


by The Commander

(out of 4 stars)

This small romantic comedy is turning out to be a better film than I originally expected. Filled with fun, laughter, family situations similar to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this film deals with the cultural differences between a guy and girl as their relationship takes off.

Kumail Nanjiani & Zoe Kazan play Kumail & Emily, two lovers who come from different backgrounds. Add in Emily's parents, Ray Romano and Holly Hunter, and you've got a script that's full of uncomfortable social complexities.

This film was a fun take on romance while dealing with serious issues especially that of a Pakistani male, living in New York City after 911, dating a very waspy white woman.  Of course, when she gets sick and is brought to the hospital by Kumail, now her ex-boyfriend, her parents fly in and the contentious and difficult relationship begins to unfold. Eventually, Kumail wins the parents over with his emotional ties to their daughter against the approval of his own parents.

This film really does a great job of examining the difficulties between different ethnicities which has been going on since US-born Puerto Ricans came to live in the USA in the 1960s. While we always say we should embrace people from other backgrounds, in reality, it's easier said than done. Not in my neighborhood they say.

If you like to see a nice good-hearted film then, by all means, don't miss this movie. While it's not required to see on the big screen, it was a very low-budget movie and is an enjoyable way to spend two hours with friends who may not be from your own walk of life.  And as you might have expected, it is a true story based on the life of Kumail Nanjiani.