47 METERS DOWN movie review by The Commander


47 Meters down


by The Commander

(out of 4 stars)

I guess the new game plan in Hollywood today is to make (what is deemed interesting) movies using a teenage cast. Long gone are the great thriller movies like Jaws, The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs and other such great movies.

Today it's movies like Don't Breathe, Morgan, Final Destination, Wish Upon and the list goes on.

Director Johannes Roberts apparently thought he was going to make a better shark film than Jaws.  Well forget it, it ain't going to happen.

Once again, we turn to two teenage girls, who while on vacation in Mexico, jump into a cage to watch the sharks as if they had nothing better to do. But of course, being in Mexico, nothing is up to code and as you expect, the cable holding the shark cage brakes and they go down 47 meters. So now, the girls must escape their shark cage before their air runs out or they get eaten alive by the sharks.

In this film the premise was stupid, the acting was ridiculous unless you call girls screaming for an hour acting. Since the situation was set up at the beginning of the film, you had to wait what seems to be forever to get to the conclusion.

I was rooting for the sharks after 20 minutes to please kill everybody so I could get out of the movie early and not waste my valuable time watching this foolish film 

Bottom line if you're a juvenile, teenager or whatever, looking for something to do on date night, then bring your partner to watch this movie. Maybe if you're lucky it will be your last date for reasons other than getting eaten by a shark.


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