CARS 3 movie review by The Commander




By the Commander

(out of 4 stars)

If you have seen one you've seen them all. That's how I feel watching CARS 3.  Like its predecessors, Cars (2006) and Cars 2 (2011), its 5 years later so it’s Cars 3 and in 2022 it’ll most likely Cars 4.  Sounds like a broken record.

Owen Wilson repeats his role as Lightning McQueen, along with Chris Cooper as Smokey and Larry the Cable Guy at Mater, the broken-down hillbilly tow truck. Does Larry the Cable Guy

actually have a real name? My god, even The Rock is using his real name as Dwayne Johnson along with Chris Bridges aka ‘Ludacris’.  They gave up their stage names once they became actors (unlike me who’s still a poor writer).  Add in the wasted talents of Tony Shalhoub as Luigi, Cheech Marin as Ramone and Cristela Alonzo and it still doesn’t help.  And while we’re at it, let’s add in real race car drivers like Darrell Waltrip, Kyle Petty and Jeff Gordon and this film is still stuck at the starting gate going nowhere fast.

This story is different than the previous films.  Lightning McQueen having lost his last few races to a new upstart race, Jackson Storm, tries desperately to prove to the new generation of racers that he’s still the best damn race car in the world!  OMG, that’s just like the prior movies only different.

This franchise wore off long ago and it’s time to end it. The studios need to stop trying Three-Peets on original ideas when the basic story is a rehash of earlier films.  Unless it’s a weekly cartoon series, it has no place on the big screen, just a miserable bore. Watching a car trying to get his “mojo” back is very, very boring.

If you liked the first two films, hopefully, you may not be bored with this new iteration. If you have kids bring them, it'll get them out of the heat during the hot summer afternoons.  It might give you a chance to catch some zzz for 90 minutes.


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