MY COUSIN RACHEL movie review by The Commander




By The Commander
2½ (out of 4 stars)

Rachel Weisz takes the lead role in the film My Cousin Rachel. Set in early Victorian England, a young orphan Philip (Sam Claflin), raised by his guardian, Ambrose Ashley, forms an inseparable bond growing up. When poor health causes Ambrose to seek warmer climate in Southern Italy, Philip takes over his estate. As he receives word of Ambrose’s pending marriage to a woman named Rachel, he now has a new cousin in life. But as his poor health fails him, Philip travels to southern Italy to provide assistance to find out that Ambrose has passed away and only Rachael remains.

He brings Rachael back with him to England where they co-exist, and he eventually falls in love with her. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Like Ambrose before him, he starts getting sick and contemplates that Rachael poisoned him to gain his control of his fortune. Not trusting her, he takes steps to remove her from his household before he is physically no longer able to do so.

While I liked this film, I was a little bit disappointed. I felt it could have done much more regarding the intrigue and suspense regarding the "who done it" mystery or simply put, “Is she a good witch or a bad witch”? Instead, the movie fell flat at the end with a bland ending which could've been so much more. Rachel Weisz gave a great performance as usual where you couldn't tell which side she was on. Heroin or femme fatale.

This movie is not required to be seen on the big screen, but when it does come out to your home theater system, it is enjoyable to watch on those nights when we are all alone.