THE MUMMY movie review by The Commander





By The Commander
2 (out of 4 stars)

Visually spectacular, script underwhelming, is how I would describe this movie. Based on the trailers you knew this was going to be a high action film, but the story logic fell flat and shuttled off into the world of “let's see what we can add into the mix to please everyone,” an all-encompassing story which made no sense to anyone. The new model of Hollywood’s big budget films to please audiences worldwide, something for everyone. Unfortunately, this causes Tom Cruise to get stuck in a sand trap.

Don't get me wrong; I'm a fan of the Mummy series especially the first two films starring Brendan Fraser. They were scary, fun, lighthearted, exciting; great graphics were simple and enjoyable films to watch. The story didn't require the use of too many brain cells.

However, this new version is so convoluted you need a score card to keep track of who's who and what's what. I had no idea that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (portrayed by the every so charming Russell Crowe) were involved in the Mummy story. Who knew? Sofia Boutella portrays Ahmanet, a female mummy who is more sexy than scary.

As much as I like Tom Cruise from his earlier movies, such as Risky Business and Top Gun, he is a fish out of water, literally, in this dry desert tail. He’s moved on from acting to wanna-be action hero. He shows off his muscular 54-year-old body as if trying to take on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for an NPC bodybuilding posedown. I could say more, but it would ruin any glimmer of hope that you would have for seeing this film. The 3-D effects were as usual, over the top but other than the plane crash scene it wasn't as shocking as in the prior films. The scene like the beetle attack (No, not the Fab Four from Liverpool) didn’t have much visceral impact.

If you have nothing to do on date night then, by all means, go see this film but make sure it's in 3-D because in today world it would probably be too laughable to enjoy. Remember, if you don’t like this film, “Mumm’s the Word”!