IT COMES AT NIGHT movie review by The Commander




By The Commander
1 ½ (out of 4 stars)

If you're looking to be bored out of your mind and waste 97 minutes of your life which you can never get back, then go see this movie. To say that I didn't like it is an understatement. This movie is not scary, interesting or intelligent. It is a dull, slow, dragged out expose’ about a family living alone in the woods to avoid some type of plague.

The father, mother, and son take all the precautions necessary to stay alive until one day some stranger breaks into their house seeking food and water for his family located in a shack, miles away. After he is beaten and held captive for the break-in, the two men see eye to eye and agree that it would be better and safer for both families to stay together during this time of crisis.

So now we're an hour into this film, and we finally have a conflict. What happens next is pretty much according to what you would expect. One family decides it's better for them to leave and the other family determines that would pose a problem. Distrust, who’s infected, retaliation, retribution, safety and so on.

What amazes me is that, unlike the title, virtually nothing happens at night. While there may be a few dark and scary scenes, nothing happens.

Director Trey Edward Schults is trying to create a ‘Hitchcock’ type of film, but this falls flat on its face. However, with only two prior film credits (Krisha and Mother and Son) what do you expect? He lacks the experience required to deliver a chilling film. The very talented actor, Joel Edgerton (The Gift, Black Mass) could not save this film. And let’s not even talk about the ending. Stolen right out of the Sopranos last episode.

If you're having one of those insomnia attacks and just can't seem to get to sleep, then by all means, watch this film. It'll knock you out in 30 minutes or less.



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