MEGAN LEAVY movie review by The Commander




by The Commander
3 (out of 4 Stars)

I must admit when I first heard about this movie I wasn't very excited about seeing it. The synopsis that I received really didn't seem too exciting for me. Based on a true story it’s about a female US Marine and her bomb-sniffing dog in Iraq who uncover explosives saving American lives. Well there have been many similar stories are shown on both the big screen and TV but what intrigued me about this film was its star, Kate Mara. 


I have always liked Kate and the rolls she's played over the years. She brings warmth and human kindness to all her films which I find enjoyable. And so was the case with Megan Leavy. 


This is a wonderful story told beautifully by director Gabriela Cowperwaithe.  Megan Leavy is the story of a girl from a broken home, going nowhere in life, who has trouble interacting with people. She finds comfort in dealing with hard to love animals, especially a vicious German Shepherd named Rex.  Megan works her way through the torturous training of the Marine Corps and upon graduation starts her career off by being discovered by the MPs drunk and urinating behind her master sergeants.  As punishment, she is assigned to clean up the animal’s cages at the canine core.  This is where she meets and bonds with her canine partner, Rex.  Assigned to the front lines in Iraq, they work together sniffing out bombs and ammunitions in Baghdad. Once injured in an explosion, she re-evaluates her future.  Then the time comes when her tour of duty is over and the aftermath that follows. 


I really loved this movie. It had the right mix of war, soldier's misfortune, their difficulties in dealing with family, companionship, and compassion for others. At times, it parallels the Academy Award-winning film The Hurt Locker but with an entirely different set of circumstances.  While this movie is not for everyone and probably won't be released to a wide audience, it is definitely a movie worth watching.