SNATCHED movie review by The Commander




By The Commander
(out of 4 Stars)

While I'm not a big fan of Amy Schumer, her Comedy or her films, I am a big fan of her uncle, US Senator Chuck Schumer so I guess that evens out my prejudices against her films?

Amy's new film Snatched is about a loser Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer, duh!) who is jobless and gets dumped by her boyfriend, right before she supposed to go on vacation to El Salvador.  Unfortunately having no friends, no money and no one who wants to go with her, she turns to her mother Linda Middleton (Goldie Hawn) who reluctantly joins her. 

While on their fabulous vacation at their wonderful resort Emily meets a hot guy who's definitely into her, NOT!  Just like the Craigslist casual encounters ads, it's all fake, just a rouse to kidnap a wealthy American in exchange for money. Unfortunately, in this case, there is no money because Amy and her mother are losers and dead broke.  A note to all kidnappers.  Make sure you check out what credit cards your captives have in their wallet before you try to pull off such a feat. 

Low and behold, Emily and her mother escape their kidnappers, multiple times, while accidentally killing their assailants, who are all members of the same family, with the kingpin now seeking revenge due to his family’s demise. 

This is a stupid, stupid movie. The language and conversation are both infantile and trash talk. Goldie Hawn is totally out of place in this film as the mother considering she 71 years old, 40 years older than Emily. If you look at her face you can tell she's had "work” done but when you look at her hands, forget about it. Her age really shines thru. 

Don't bother seeing this movie. It's not worth your time. The jokes are old and stale. The routines have been done so many times I lost count. They were performed far better by Abbott and Costello in the 1950s. Now that’s a movie you should go see.