MISS SLOANE movie review by The Commander





3 (out of 4 stars)

I love political thrillers. I think they're at the top end of espionage movies since they are so close to home.


Miss Sloane is a wonderful movie about political power brokers; those who were sought out after and the high-stakes world of politics.  It examines how they operate and what they will do to achieve their goals to enhance their bank accounts and their goals


Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a powerful lobbyist working for a major law firm headed by George Dupont (Sam Waterston). One day she is confronted by Rudolpho Schmidt (Mark Strong) who wants her to jump ship and fight for his lobbying efforts to combat gun violence. 


While not taking a stance on the gun lobbying positions (either side) I found this film fascinating. It is a highly dramatic interwoven plot which isn't totally revealed to the audience until the end. The movie is full of misdirection, intrigue, an intricate plot with great twists and turns. The exceptional acting, ensemble cast was amazing. Gugu Mbatha-raw, Michael Stuhlbarg, John Lithgow and Allison Pill do a wonderful job in their respective roles. 


The story is intense and reminded me of thrillers such as in the 1976 All the President’s Men starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford in the lead rolls as Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward,  the two investigator reporters who uncovered the Watergate scandal.  In this story, Sloane decides to jump ship from her present employer whose clients include gun manufactures and works on behalf those trying to create legislation requiring background checks.  While she tries to bring her team along, there are some hold outs who desire to stay instead of taking the financial risk.  This sets the stage for the battle of friends who becomes foes.  Once confidants, now competitors.  Knowing how each other side thinks, generates a wild chess game where any single move can lead to your demise.  And as in a great chess match, at the end, there’s always one unforeseen move that decides the game.


This is a movie which can easily be watched on your home theater system and doesn't require a large screen format. But it is a movie that shouldn't be missed especially if you like political thrillers. If you like the 2000 film The Contender (Joan Allen, Gary Oldman, Jeff Bridges, Christian Slater, Sam Elliot) then this is right up your alley. Don't miss it. It may give you a little bit of insight of what actually happens in Washington politics.



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