MONSTER TRUCKS movie review by The Commander




(out of 4 stars)

At 26, Lucas Till has come on the scene in Hollywood catching a wave.   His first performance in the film Walk the Line (movie about Johnny Cash) has catapulted him to numerous roles including stand out character performances. He made his mark in the X-Men series as Alex Summers/HAVOC and is currently starring in the reboot of MacGyver


Unfortunately, his latest film Monster Trucks will not fare as well as Till’s career. This is a silly childish movie that is meant for adolescents. The premise is pretty dumb.  High school senior Tripp (Lucas Till) is stuck in a rut and looking for a brighter future in better pastures (same basic premise as The Last Starfighter and other teenage movies). Not having wheels, he builds himself a truck made of parts from the local junkyard. Really?  This sounds more like the job of a HS degenerate than a promising student with dreams of leaving town and exploring the world.


On the other side of town an oil company drills a little too far and a subterranean creature from the deep escapes into the neighboring community. Of course, there’s the battle between the Oil Company’s scientist Jim Dowd (Thomas Lennon) and the relentless head of the company’s security team Burke (Holt McCallany) bent on the creature’s capture.  Add in some fluffy characters Meredith (Jane Levy), Tripp’s girlfriend, Mr. Weathers (Danny Glover), the owner of the junk yard, Reece Tenneson (Rob Low), the company’s CEO and you get the picture.


Let’s see, we have a HS kid building a truck to impress his wanna be girlfriend, a nice old man running a junk yard, a scientist, a security team, a dumb CEO, a missing creature.  Guess what happens next? That's right the creature and Tripp "hook up "for fun and engaging adventures.


Burke leads the oil company’s security team in tracking down the creature while it hides in Tripp's truck (in place of its engine) giving it both speed and abilities far beyond those of mortal trucks. It a monster truck that climbs, jumps and travels very fast, outpacing its captors at every turn.


I won't give away the end but let's put it this way it's a happy ending because it's a movie for adolescents. I could say a lot more but let's put it this way if you're an adolescent or still reading comic books and playing with your models, go see it. If you're in high school or above, skip it.