JACKIE movie review by The Commander





2½  (out of 4 stars)

Jackie is the story of Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy. Immediately following the assassination of her husband President John F. Kennedy, the film deals with the aftermath that both her and the country endured.


This is a slow methodical film that delves into Jackie's personal life dealing with the tragedy, her protection of her children John and Caroline, and her perception of how the world views her.  She refuses to stand in the shadows or be cast aside by the new administration. She stands her ground with her head held high despite the massive media circus that engulfed the nation. 


The story revolves around Jackie (Natalie Portman) discussing the events of her life with her husband, with journalist (Billy Crudup) who is interviewing her for his story. While this is a slow moving film, the intensity portrayed by Portman into every last nuance of Jackie Kennedy’s style is wonderfully brought to the screen by director Pablo Larraín. The editing between the original news footage and the current film by cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine is eerie, just incredible cinematic work. This film, done incredibly well, brought back many memories of the day the US went dark. 


Unlike most other films dealing with the assassination of President Kennedy, (1977 The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, 1978 Ruby and Oswald, 1991 JFK, 1992, Ruby, 2007 Oswald, 2009 JFK: 3 shots that changed the world, 2013 Parkland and dozens of others), this is the first film to even examine Jackie Kennedy’s side of the story.  It is a beautifully told, in-depth examination, from her point of view.  Something that was never seen until now.


While it is not necessary to watch this movie in a theater it is a movie worth watching. Portman's portrayal of Jackie is worthy of Oscar contention for best actress.