HIDDEN FIGURES movie review by The Commander






(out of 4 Stars)


Everyone loves a movie when the underdog comes out on top. It inspires us to move forward when obstacles are in our way. To overcome oppression and suppression. Or as Buzz Light Year says, "To infinity and beyond”.

Hidden Figures is a wonderful heartwarming story about 3 African-American women in the 1960’s who have extraordinary math and engineering skills that are hired by NASA to assist in putting a man in space.  Right off the bat you know there are going to be many obstacles.  First, they're not white. Second, they're attempting to do the impossible (Use a white woman's bathroom). Third put a man in space which has never been done before. I don't know which one of the last two tasks were the most difficult but if they were going to be successful they need to be successful in with #2. 


Catherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) Dorothy Yvonne (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) are the African-American women who provide NASA with the important functions of mathematical, engineering and computer programming.  They start out as “women of color” working in the negro section of NASA as support personal. They have the mundane job of double, triple checking figures and simple accounting, a position way beneath their abilities. 


However, their unique abilities in mathematics, mechanical engineering and computer programming come to forefront when NASA Project Manager, Al Harrison (Kevin Costner) requires their expertise to successfully launch it space missions.  This story is about their rise from the ‘typing pool’ existence to becoming key figures in the space program.  It is a heartwarming story that deals with prejudice, racism and ignorance. They triumph over adversity to become the leaders in their field at NASA for the duration of the Space Program. 


I loved this movie.  I thought it may have run a little long and certain scenes could've been tightened, but overall a very moving picture. While this film does not require a trip to the box office, it is a movie worth seeing. 



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