ASSASSINS CREED movie review by The Commander






2 (out of 4 Stars)


I'm a big fan of Michael Fassbender. I love his work in X-Men, Prometheus, Inglorious Bastards and a host of other films. He is one of a handful of actors that really brings his characters to life. 


Assassins Creed is the film that's based on a video game. Unfortunately, not all these types of films are successful.  Even with today's film technology of CGI, special-effects and 3-D, it's sometimes difficult to take a gamer's interaction with a program and replicate it in a movie.


While Assassins Creed is an interesting game concept, it just didn't work for film. The premises is a convicted felon, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender), is recruited by a secret corporation to “mind-merge” with his ancestors past (15th century Spain). The goal is to find the chalice which is key to the modern-day Knights Templar’s power.  This would somehow equate to who knows what and who cares.  The plot is so mushy I thought we were going to see scenes from Da Vinci Code and Tom Hanks whom be making an appearance somewhere. I guess you have to be a AC video game enthusiast to understand everything that wasn’t explained too well.  If they had spent more budget on plot and characters versus fight scenes, then I would have found this film more enjoyable.  After all, how many fight scenes can you have in a movie? 


The cost of this film was about $130 million and even the vivid fight scenes couldn't save it. My question is why are all the bellicose scenes utilizing swords, knives and arrows. What happened to a good old fashion Uzi or AK47 machine guns?  Oh, that’s right, I forgot, it’s a video game


A far better film dealing with this merging of reality versus gaming would be the 1995 film, Virtuosity starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The interface between the gaming world (virtual reality) & reality is much more coherent in that film. 

So, if you’re a video game fanatic and you can't get enough of 14th century chivalry and swordfights, then this may be your film. As for me I'd rather watch Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone duke it out in the 1938 classic, The Adventures of Robin Hood.  After all, it did have and excellent cast including Alan Hale, Claude Rains and Olivia de Havalland.  A great film without the use of any CGI or special effects.


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