SING Movie Review by The Commander






(out of 4 Stars)


What I love about today's animated movies are that they are limitless. If you can think it, you can create it.  Filmmakers no longer need worry about building sets, adding special-effects, car crashes, explosions, on the job injury, property damage and lawsuits. You simply come up with the wildest and zaniest ideas and you can make it happen with the click of a mouse.  Just add a great music soundtrack, a good story and script, some stimulating conversation and you're golden.


When I first heard about Sing I thought it was going to be an American Idol's fan’s wet dream.  I really wasn’t interested in screening it as I thought that it was more for that demographic.  Then I saw the trailer and I thought this was going to be a cute movie so I changed my mind and screened this film. Boy, did I make the right decision. 


Sing is a fabulous movie with an incredible soundtrack of over 85 hit songs from as far back as the 1960’s. The music, the animated characters, the actor’s voices and the wonderful singing makes this film a hit for the whole family. With a 108 minute run time this film flies from beginning to end.


This story is by no way original. One of my favorite movies The Producers (1967) starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder is all about a failed Broadway show producer Max Bialystock trying to regain his stature in the world of Broadway. His solution is to collect more money than a show costs and close it the next day as a flop.  The investors would never expect any return on their investment. 


Sing is about a failed theater owner, Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), who’s trying to save the family theater from foreclosure. His solution is to hold a singing contest with a pittance prize money to attract an audience. However, things go wrong due to a misprint of the flyers, outrageously multiplying the prize money.  Once everyone gets wind of the competition, they lineup to audition for the payday.  As in American Idol, it's the auditions which are more fun than the actual show and the same goes here. The auditions are absolutely hysterical and the fast cuts keep them from dragging on. 


Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon

, John C. Reilly, Taron Edgerton, Tori Kelly are all great portraying their characters and especially Garth Jennings, who plays moons long time secretary Miss Crawly. Absolutely hysterical.


If you want to spend a great afternoon this Christmas with the whole family, forget the action flicks.  Take them to see a film everyone will enjoy.

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