KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES Movie Review by The Commander


2-1/2 (out of 4 stars)
There have been lots of movies over the years dealing with couples—mostly lighthearted, funny, entertaining type of films.  Fun with Dick and Jane (1977, 2005), Neighbors (1981, 2014) and now Keeping up with the Joneses. 
The premise of all these films is that one couple is your everyday normal boring, suburbanite couple and the other is a new couple coming to live in their nice, quiet neighborhood.  It's the improbability of mixing of oil and water where the fun begins. 
Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher play Jeff and Karen Gaffney, a simple, suburban couple living on a nice quiet neighbor cul-de-sac in Atlanta, Georgia.  Jeff works in Human Resources for an Aerospace contractor and Karen is an interior designer, currently working on plans to put a urinal in a master bathroom. 
One day a new, seemingly perfect, couple moves into the cul-de-sac.  They're a good looking, debonair, sophisticated type of couple who are highly accomplished world travelers.  Both Jeff and Karen are enamored with their new neighbors and introduce them to the neighborhood.  Tim Jones (John Hamm) is a travel writer and his wife Natalie (Gail Gadot) is an accomplished cook... supposedly.  Actually, the Joneses are covert undercover spies trying to prevent espionage against the U.S.A.  When snoopy Karen suspects that something is not quite right with the Joneses, the fun begins. 
This is a cute movie.  It's got all the elements that you would hope to see:  slapstick, comedy, amusing dialogue, chase scenes, explosions and everything else thrown into the mix.  Of course, the best part is when our heroes come face to face with the evil mastermind behind stealing our nation’s top secret computer chips and selling them to our enemies.  I could tell you his name, but it would spoil his appearance in the film.  You’ll just have to see it to find out.
Galifianakis and Fisher are very believable as the plain vanilla suburbanite couple.  Galifianakis takes a page out of his resume and reprises his role of Marty Huggins in the 2012 film, The Campaign.  Not exactly the same character, but pretty close.  Hamm plays a wonderful emotional debonair James Bond type character, and Gadot is awesome as the beautiful, cunning, lethal spy. 
I would recommend this film for anyone who wants to have a fun, lighthearted time at the movies.  Don't expect anything major regarding intrigue, suspense or action.  It's not a James Bond type of movie, but it is enjoyable for all who like lighthearted comedy with a little bit of something extra. 

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