KEVIN HART: WHAT NOW? Movie Review by The Commander


1/2 (out of 4 stars) 
Kevin Hart is a comedian who normally plays a sidekick in most feature films, but he is not a leading actor.  Since I enjoyed many of the films he played in such as Get Hard, The Wedding Ringer and Ride Along 1 & 2, I thought I would see this movie based upon the trailer.  Boy, was I in for a shock.  
Spoiler alert. This is not a movie! This is a multi-camera taping of Kevin Hart's stand-up comedy tour filmed at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles.  It should be noted that this was the biggest stand-up comedy tour ever held, with over 151 shows that included the U.S. and Australia.  Hart sold out this football stadium (over 50,000 people) where this show was taped.  
At the beginning of this film, prior to the live performance, there was a 15-minute comedy short with Hart spoofing the James Bond character in a casino at a high-stakes poker table.  Famous actors, such as Halle Berry (assuming the role as Miss Halle Berry), Don Cheadle as himself and David Meunier as the Russian bad guy, made up the cast.  This parody was very funny and I was hoping the film would be more of the same, but unfortunately, reality set in, and when the 15-minute scene was over, it became a recording of his stand-up comedy routine.  
Unfortunately, I didn't find his stand-up material funny.  Lots of cursing, screaming, stupid impressions, not even good jokes, and so after 30 minutes, I realized I was duped into watching a film that never existed and found myself leaving the theater disgusted that I wasted my precious time watching a TV show on the big screen.  
This is a show that should not be in theaters.  It insults the filmmakers who put their precious time and energy into making films that require more than following a comedian on stage performing his 75-minute act.  The reason for the 15-minute short was because his material wasn’t long enough and needed at least 83 minutes to qualify it as a film for theatrical release. 
Don't waste your time or money seeing this film.  It doesn't qualify.  This is something that needs to be seen on your television set when it comes out on cable: HBO, Showtime, Starz.  There are far better uses of your time and money.

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