NERVE Movie Review by The Commander


1-1/2 (out of 4 stars)

It's not very often that original ideas come out of Hollywood, so when that opportunity knocks, you hope it makes a very big splash.


Nerve's premise is a game of truth and dare that utilizes social media with thousands of users participating, either as watchers or players.


While the writing team of Jeanne Ryan and Jessica Sharzer came up with an interesting idea, its execution on the screen by duel directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman just did not work.


This film is totally geared to Millennials.  That's the same people you see running around the streets following Pokémon Go.  The initial cinematography of broken and pixelated video, as if coming from a slow Internet connection, are enough to make you nauseated.  The plot is so full of holes, it makes Swiss cheese appear solid.


I could go on about all the problems with this film, but not even the talents of protégés Emma Roberts (daughter of Eric Roberts) and Dave Franco (younger brother of James Franco) could save this film.  While it might be a big hit with Millennials, who will probably watch it on their smart phones from a pirated download site, it has no appeal for baby boomers.  Many critics were asleep during most of the movie.  

So if you're trying to get your kids out of the house, by all means, tell them to go see this movie.

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