ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS The Movie Review by The Commander



(out of 4 Stars)

If you were a fan of the British TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous, which ran from 1992 to 2012, and have been in a state of depression that the show’s run has ended, have I got good news for you!  The wild British comedy has been extended by a movie, Absolutely Fabulous, starring the original cast of Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and Jane Horrocks.


If you are not familiar with the series, it's about two women, Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, two drug and boozing women in the public relations industry who utilize cruel humor and in-jokes that became a cult hit in the UK and abroad.  My 80-year-old father loved the show, as well as other British comedies, but it really doesn't connect with the younger U.S. market.  There's an old saying in Hollywood:  “Humor doesn't cross the Pond,” meaning that what's funny in the U.S. is not necessarily funny in Europe and vice versa.

The biggest problem with this movie is the difficulty of taking a 30-minute sitcom and converting it into a 90-minute film.  There just isn't enough material to keep it funny all the time.  It would be as if you took Married with Children, the famous story of Al and Peggy Bundy, and turned it into a movie.  While it's hysterical over the 30 minutes, it would become boring and repetitious for a feature-length film.  And in the fact that this is a British comedy with heavy accents… and you get the idea.  While there were some cute moments and slapstick in the film, after a while you kept looking at your watch and asking when does this end?


Bottom line:  If you're a fan of the show, you may like the movie.  If you don't ever remember seeing it, don't start now.

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