FINDING DORY Movie Review by The Commander


2 1/2 (out of 4 stars)

If you loved the 2003 Disney movie, Finding Nemo, you’ll love their new movie, Finding Dory.  However, the title is a little misleading.  You see, Dory isn't actually lost.  Dory is actually a little like the 1964 cartoon series, Mr. Magoo, who had very bad eyesight and couldn't see where he was going.  Whereas Dory has ‘short-term memory loss’ and can't remember what she was doing.  So therefore, she's always lost (in her own mind).  A little scary when you compare it in its similarity to Alzheimer patients.


Now that we've got that part out-of-the-way, let's talk about the movie.  This is a cute Disney children’s story about a young fish (Dory) who loses her parents and meets all types of new fish in the ocean.  But guess who she finds?  Why, Nemo and her dad, Marlin.  They travel from one end of the ocean to the other and back again in search of her parents.  They end up in the Monterey Marine Life Institute (an aquatic theme park in California) where all sorts of misadventures happen.  Add in a sneaky, cranky octopus (Ed O’Neill), a white Beluga whale named Destiny (Ty Burrell), a white shark (Kaitlin Olson), some walruses and other aquatic life, and you've got another Disney movie with a theme park ride coming in the near future.  I can't wait to see the McDonald's, Pepsi, Taco Bell and other advertising tie-ins being released this summer for the kids.


I could say that this movie is actually about overcoming one’s own handicap and the ability to function normally in daily life, but that’s a far reach.  The redeeming social values hidden in this film are wiped out by the ridiculous scenes, like that of an octopus driving a truck down the highway avoiding the police who are in pursuit.  It’s similar in nature to the movie WALL-E.  It tries to make a social statement (polluting the environment, the human race is fat and lazy, etc.) but in the end, this is just a children’s movie.  This theme would be closer to an Alzheimer’s scenario than a ‘handicap’ disability. 


If you like these movies (I know your kids do) go out and see it.  Expect a lot of noise, crying, screaming and whining from other children in the audience.  If you can wait, you're better off seeing it in the peace and sanctuary of your home theatre.  However, if you do go to the movies, I would suggest you watch it in 3D, for these are the best types of films for that format.  The animation is great, the colors are vivid, the 3D technology just keeps getting better and better, and it's a very enjoyable movie to watch for the whole family.  


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