LONDON HAS FALLEN Movie Review by The Commander


1-1/2 (out of 4 stars)

If you saw Olympus has Fallen, you're going to love London has Fallen.  If you haven't, then you may not, for whatever reason you didn't see the first movie. That should be the end of my review, but since it's a little short, I think I'll embellish a little more details for those who are still on the fence about seeing this movie.


Obviously, this is a sequel to the first movie, where terrorists capture the White House and try to kill the President (Aaron Eckhart), but didn’t plan on the impenetrable Secret Service Agent, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) whose job it is to defeat them.  Take a guess how that movie ends.


Now comes along London has Fallen.  The premise is similar.  The plot is simple.  Americans kill terrorists via a drone attack, and two years later, terrorists seek retribution against all the world leaders who are attending a state funeral in London.  While they kill almost everybody, they hadn't counted on an obstacle named Mike Banning – Secret Service Agent. Guess how this movie turns out.

If you're young, love action movies, you’re naïve with no brains or intelligence, then this movie is for you.  There are a lot of premises that you’re supposed to believe from the get-go.  Like, how did the terrorists infiltrate all of London's Police Department and the Royal Palace Guards, and who knows what else to the pull off this attack?


It probably was some top-level bureaucrat in one of England's top spy organizations, but how did that disseminate to the average street cop and royal palace guards who protect the queen?  It's unbelievable nonsense like this that you have to throw out the window in order to make this story believable.  And other items like pushing a single button would black out all of London's power and communications.  And of course, terrorists have stinger missiles on the rooftops, in order to shoot down three military helicopters who just so happen to fly over their location.


It's a pretty stupid story and plot, and the explosions are second rate, but for all you NASCAR fans, they do crash a lot of cars into non-movable objects while flipping them up in the air.


I found this movie infantile, predictable and a total waste.  What Morgan Freeman, Jackie Earle Haley and Robert Forster are doing in this movie, I have no idea.  Having less than 10 lines in this movie is simply a waste of great talent.

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