THE REVENANT Movie Review by The Commander


2-1/2 (out of 4 stars)

Alejandro Iñárritu is fast becoming one of my favorite directors.  His academy award-winning film, Birdman, which won last year's Oscar for Best Picture was a remarkable accomplishment, in single-shot cinematography, alone.  His new film, The Revenant, which was shot in 70mm film, is just breathtaking, seeing it on the big screen.  This is the reason why you want to go out to a movie theater.   


However, I had many problems with this film.  I know I'm going against the grain with most critics, but I found this film very slow.  The director likes delving into each scene with great detail, but there is a point where less is more.  Now I know this is basically a movie about survival and revenge, but my question is how many times you can be close to death and still live?  Leonardo DiCaprio goes through many intense scenes of near death, but never dies.  I guess being torn to shreds by a bear, twice, just isn't enough to kill you these days.  Jumping into freezing waters with all your clothes on and then washing ashore in frigid temperatures (ever hear of hypothermia?) isn't enough to kill you.


In fact, there were so many scenes where he should've been dead—I got very bored with the movie.  Let's just skip every near death experience and jump to the end, where he gets his revenge—unless of course, you’re a glutton for punishment.  After awhile, I just kept looking at my watch and thinking:  “How much longer is this movie?”  


I feel that this movie was too long, to engrossing, too much detail and unbelievable.  Even though it was adopted from a true story, its portrayal became cartoonish.  It reminded me of the old TV series, “The A-Team”.  They fired 1 million rounds of ammo, but no one got shot or killed.  The worst case was someone got winged in their arm.  Give me a break.  Maybe the original story was a huge exaggeration or the screenplay was (like an old fisherman’s story… I caught a fish the size of a whale).  Either way, while this may have been a real story, this movie was not based in reality.

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