SPOTLIGHT Movie Review by The Commander


4 (out of 4 stars)

Spotlight is a smart, intelligent movie about the Boston Globe's 'Spotlight' investigative news division that uncovered the scandal of child molestation by priests in the Catholic Church.  Their yearlong investigation has shaken the Catholic Archdiocese to its core worldwide. 


Not since the 1976 movie, All the President’s Men, has there been a movie centered on a newspaper’s investigative reporting team exposing a massive cover-up of wrongdoing.  This movie is well written, well directed, and has just enough suspense and intrigue to keep it moving quickly over its two-hour duration.


I was lucky enough to see an interview by Bill Bradley, editor of the Washington Post, who spoke about the movie, All the Presidents Men.  He stated that it was the first movie he ever saw featuring a newspaper that did not show a scene where paper was rolling through the printing presses with the headlines coming to the screen.  I kept wondering during this movie whether they would hold to the same standard or fall to that old paper printing presses cliché scene (“Stop the Presses”).  


While I won't give away that answer, I will tell you that the performances by Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton are above the norm and an Academy Award nomination for Ruffalo for best supporting actor is deserved.  This film qualifies for inclusion for Best Picture, and I will be surprised if it doesn't win.  By the way, in case you haven't figured out by now, I really like this movie.  I would definitely recommend it.


Make sure you stay around for the ending text prior to the credits, because it will shock you at just how far this investigation led (not covered in the movie).  It will simply blow you away.

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