STEVE JOBS Movie Review by The Commander


2-1/2 (out of 4 stars)
Disclosure.  I own an Apple iPhone 6.  In fact, I've owned an Apple iPhone for the last six years.  I also own an Apple iMac, but I don't own an Apple iWatch.  Not because I don't want the Apple iWatch, it's because I gave up wearing watches a few years after I bought my first iPhone.  Though I may be pro Apple (I even own their stock), I think I can be a fair critic about the movie, Steve Jobs.
Once again, Michael Fassbender gives a riveting performance as Apple founder and CEO, Steve Jobs.  While rumors abounded about what a difficult person Steve Jobs was to deal with on a daily basis, how selfish, narcissistic and downright mean he could be, was really never shown on camera until now.  
The movie centers on his relationship with his daughter Lisa and Steve Scully, the president of PepsiCo, whom he brought in to run and grow Apple, which eventually lead him to being terminated from his own company.  The film shows the infighting between Jobs, Scully, his wife, daughter, Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-creator, and almost everyone else.  The film centers on conversations, conflict, handholding, insults, and new product release presentations over the years. 
I have mixed feelings about this film.  While I like the performances and how the film centered on Jobs’ personal life, the constant infighting was like watching my family at Thanksgiving dinner (everyone arguing about everything, mean-spirited where you don't even want to be at the table).  I have enough problems with my own family, let alone to be involved in someone else's.  This gave me a very uncomfortable feeling sitting and watching this movie.  Jobs was more concerned about starting on time, than he was about his own daughter’s problems.  Even refusing to acknowledge his employees who are responsible for the Apple 2, he would toss them aside like yesterday's newspapers.  His only interest was to talk about what the future may bring.  I know you're saying—who the hell wants to work for this guy?
With a runtime of over two hours, this film could have been shortened to get the same point across.  Maybe I would have been able to tolerate it better if it were a little shorter.  Regardless, I’m not giving up my iPhone anytime soon.

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