Sicario Movie Review by The Commander


2 (out of 4 stars)

The world of international drug smuggling comes alive again in the new film, Sicario.  Once again, it's a drug war at the border between the U.S. drug agencies and the Mexician drug cartel.  If you liked the films:  Blow, Traffic, The Counselor—you’d love this “shoot ‘em up,” “blood and guts,” slow, methodically paced story, and this movie is right up your alley.  Hauntingly similar to the recently cancelled TV series, The Bridge on FX, this movie has all the violence and gore to which you’ve become accustomed.  Drugs, money, guns (lots of guns), bombs, violence, vengeance—need I say more?  While the movie had a good cast, I felt that the story was just dragging on with some underlying theme that was kind of unimportant and blasé.

Emily Blunt plays Kate Mercer, an FBI agent who, after her team is killed in a bombing on U.S. soil, is asked to join an elite task force (DEA?) run by Josh Brolin and the mysterious Benicio Del Toro, to eradicate the drug cartel network of Manuel Diaz, the man behind the bombing.  This war on drugs has been played out in many films and there is nothing really special about this film, which separates it from the pack.  While the performances are good, it's a very slow moving gory detailed film about what happens in the drug trade.  So if you're bored and you want to get out for the evening, go see this film.  However, I think you may find FX's The Bridge more enjoyable, if you can find it online.

Oh, by the way, in Mexico, “Sicario” means Hitman.  In the U.S. it means (yawn…).

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