A Walk InThe Woods Movie Review by The Commander


2 (out of 4 stars)

Who at the age of 70, after they have retired and are basically bored in their lives, decides they would like to walk the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine?  We're talking over 2000 miles.  That's twice the distance between New York and Miami, unless of course you're talking about round-trip.  This is the premise of the movie, A Walk In The Woods, starring Robert Redford (as Bill Bryson, a celebrated travel writer) and Nick Nolte (his longtime 'friend' Stephen Katz, who’s a disheveled philanderer). 


So it's obvious that this is a comedy.  Sort of like The Odd Couple meets Abbott and Costello.  Robert Redford plays Abbott, and Nolte is in the comedic role of Costello.  And so the old saying goes, what can go wrong will go wrong, and if not, will make it go wrong.  Apparently, they each have their own definition of the word “Adventure”.


The movie plays out as you would expect, one person is in better shape than the other (guess which one?), and so the entertainment begins.  There is a lot of bantering around, some funny dialogue and a few nice views from the trail.  But altogether, the movie is not breathtaking, nor sensational.  The scenes become predictable, the trouble they get into is expected, and their desire to give up this nonsense and abandon their walk is long overdue.  This is a movie you could easily see on your home movie theater.  


While I liked this movie, I would not recommend someone going out and paying to see it.  Wait till it comes to your premium cable channels.  This movie lends itself to the older audience.  I think the younger audiences would most likely fall asleep, since there are no spectacular stunts, CGI, crashes, hip music or any other redeeming social values for young people to tweet.  Since older audiences don’t know what tweeting is, they’ll do just fine.


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