TRAINWRECK Movie Review by The Commander


2 (out of 4 stars)

Before I start, let me quickly give you the spoiler alert you've been dreading:  Trainwreck is a ‘chick flick’—possibly the biggest chick flick of the year.

This is supposed to be a romantic comedy written by Amy Schumer (a well-known female comedian) but it is actually more of Amy Schumer's standup routine that was converted to a movie.  So the plot, as in most chick flicks, is about dating and romance, trials and tribulations of the female lead, as it equates to her interactions with various male counterparts, and of course, her father.  Gee, like I haven't seen this before?

In order to keep the men interested in watching this movie, they throw in a whole section regarding male sports stars such as LeBron James and John Cena.  You've got to believe that Judd Apatow has a lot to do with that decision, since he produced and directed this film.  In case you didn't know Judd was born in Syosset, New York and like most New Yorkers, was a big sports fan (which brings me to my biggest problem of the film).  While the scenes with the sports stars may have been the funniest, they had literally nothing to do with the film.  


This movie is way too long, over two hours.  When I look at a film, I try to figure out what doesn't work.  I cut out the scenes, I tighten it up and I see what kind of movie you got left.  Since most of the scenes involving sports figures have little to do with the film, if you cut them all out, the film would be around 90 minutes, but it wouldn't be very funny (unless you were a big Amy Schumer fan and you liked her style of comedy).  Let's face it, seeing total nude images of WWE wrestler John Cena having sex with Amy is just totally out of place.  John's chiseled body does not go well with Amy's overweight, uninspired body.  You would expect to see John with Miss Fitness, instead of Amy Schumer, but I guess that's what most women’s fantasy is—so they throw it in the movie and it just doesn't work.  


Bill Hader puts in a good performance as the nerdy, tall, thin sports medicine doctor who is attracted to Amy (which is much more believable).  The intervention seen with Chris Everett, Matthew Broderick and Marv Albert have nothing to do with this film, but were put in just for pure comic relief.  If you have a good story and a good script, you don't need to resort to these low level stunts in order to increase the comedy value of your film.


The screening audience was mostly female and they were the ones who were laughing at the corny jokes.  There are only a few scenes where the entire audience was laughing, which shows you how one-sided this movie is.  So if you want to go to a movie with your girlfriends prior to your bachelorette party, this may be a movie for you.  If you're a guy, skip this movie, unless of course you’re in a relationship and want to keep it.  If you're on a date, bring a pair of earphones with you and listen to some old Woody Allen comedy routines, you'll have a much more enjoyable time at the movies.  


This movie was way too long (everyone was looking at their watch) and did not deserve two hours of screen time, where the film I saw prior to this (Ant-Man) filled every minute of its two hours and left you begging for more.  It’s just too bad that Amy and Judd don’t have more respect for their audience.

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