Inside Out Movie Review by The Commander


4out of  ****
I don't know if you can see me right now, but if you could, you would clearly see that I am speechless!  I mean my mouth is open, but no words are coming out of my mouth!  Why?  Because I just came from previewing the movie Inside Out by Pixar with Peter Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen directing, and I am literally blown away.  I am at a loss for words.  In fact, my mouth was wide open while I was watching the movie.

I believe that I have seen every Pixar film ever produced, and I still am amazed at just how they do it.  Every time at bat it's a home run!  Inside Out is another major hit for the studio.  The creative staff at Pixar comes up with the stories, plots, subplots, diversions and heart-touching experiences in their films that are just not things that most people could ever conceive.  

The film is about what goes on inside of our brain and the five emotions that make up who we are:  Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger, with voices from Amy Poehler, Phyliss Smith, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling and Lewis Black (who's over-the-top).  It goes from infancy to adulthood.  It shows the emotional conflict in all of us, with lots of stored memories that we refer to all the time, without even knowing we're doing it.  

While the film is geared toward kids, being Pixar, it’s adult nature in theme and dialogue.  As they say in the circus:  "...Children of all ages..." will love this film, and the adults who bring them will love it, as well.  It's truly enjoyable for the entire family.  The film is released in 3D and the graphics are just fabulous.  The selection of colors, designs, intricacies, characters, backgrounds, etc., is simply off-the-chart.  International audiences will love it just for the constant action and the over-the-top images.  And the music is great, as well. 

I know I'm supposed to rate movies from 1 to 4 stars (A-D), but in this case I cannot.  This film is so amazing, I have to give it an 'S' for Sensational, Stunning, Superior, Super and See this movie!  For a speechless person, I hope that I got my point across.

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