Road Kill Grill 2

By Vegas Food Nerd

There are a lot of great things about living in this great nation of ours. The right to bear arms is a right of every American, and one that is constantly under attack by the media and well-meaning, yet misinformed far left wing nuts. I’m not a big gun fan, to be honest, but our household has a few that we keep in gun safes. It is important though to me to teach and learn about guns and gun safety. If you’ve never shot one, then I highly recommend you do so. As a society, we’ve become very misinformed about the power of a firearm through numerous action movies and other Hollywood farces. You can jump on a vehicle summersault and make the perfect shot. Guns have kick-back, and by standing strong, taking a deep breath, and focusing, you can make that bullseye on the paper target. The Clark County Shooting Complex is an outdoor shooting range located on North Decatur is a great place to try your hand at shooting, and as a bonus to this Food Nerd there is a second outpost of our city’s now infamous “Road Kill Grill” located at the base of their shotgun ranges where you can visit after or before you decide to spend a day of shooting in our town.

The story behind Road Kill is a good one. A nice Amish Pennsylvania boy, John Mull, moved to southern Nevada in 1938 with his wife with every intention of using his carpentry skills to help build the Hoover Dam. Instead, he got work building casinos in Las Vegas. Then he decided to change his career path and get into the meat processing industry. In 1954, he applied for his first slaughterhouse license. He shipped prized beef from his ranch in Utah, and in the early days, the cows were sometimes herded directly to the front door of his butcher shop for processing.  His son-in-law took over the business in 1957, and his grandson Chuck Frommer took over the business in 1981 and was responsible for creating the catering division of the company, which became known as “Road Kill Grill.” The shop is still a direct from the farm butcher, but animals are no longer slaughtered on the property. However, hunters can get deer’s and other game processed there for a minimal fee. The place shot to foodie fame when our very own Guy Fieri featured the backyard barbeque experience of the place on his show Diners Drive Inns and Dives. I’d heard many tales from fellow food lovers about dining here and couldn’t wait to experience it for myself.

After a round of shotgun target practice, my friends and I decided to check out the sequel to this Vegas cult restaurant at the shooting complex. It was a unanimous decision by all to get tacos in different meat concoctions to get the full meaty experience— apart from their fish tacos which we knew weren’t an authentic John Mull kind of thing. At $4 for three street tacos, they were reasonable, but the flavors and sauce accouterments were just, well, drool worthy. The meat was blissfully tender and left each of us promising the staff a return visit. It’s a fast-casual type of dining establishment, but the cleanliness of the place struck me. The staff was constantly cleaning and keeping the place in beautiful shape. So I urge you, my fellow Americans, to exercise and experience your second amendment rights, and when you’re done get some meat. You will be glad you did.

Maria’s Tacos

Located in one of the first gas stations that you hit when visiting the tiny town of Pahrump, Nevada, is a tiny taco shop that will give you a Mexican authenticity that you won’t want to miss. The nice woman who took our order didn’t follow it, or maybe there was a language barrier there. We ordered a few of the potato tacos (the lady at the register swooned over them so, um, yes had to try those) carne asada street tacos, carnitas street tacos, and chicken street tacos. When we took our piping hot bag of Mexican goodies to our car, we realized that we had gotten just the beef tacos, potato tacos, and the chicken ones. Though our order had gotten botched, the first few bites of our treats made up for the error. It was an authentic on point presentation of one of my favorite foods. Maybe she just knew better about what we should eat. Make this a spot on your trip if you are passing through this small town— you will be glad you did. Now go eat something.