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Last year Daniel Boulud returned to Las Vegas with DB Brasserie. This powerhouse French chef with many books and restaurants to his name also used some great judgment in choosing his executive chef for his latest Las Vegas venture. Daniel chose David Middleton whose talent and creativity at locals’ favorite Marché Bacchus garnered the restaurant many accolades and awards. The two chefs created this modern take on classic brasserie, and after hearing many rave reviews—it was time for me to try it for myself.

To get to the restaurant, you do have to maneuver through the crowds that almost always seem to be at the Venetian, but once inside, the atmosphere is decidedly less chaotic than your walk was through the crowded casino. The lighting is dim, not dark, with a warm cozy feel to the room. While our table was being prepared for us, my friend and I decided to opt for drinks and an appetizer at the bar to pass the time. This is where the only flaw of the evening occurred. As it turned, out our table was ready pretty quickly and we asked our waiter at the bar to transfer our tab over to our now ready and waiting table. We brought our drinks to the table, and our appetizer was a beautifully done take on pâté made with pork and served with a nice, grainy mustard, crispy pickled spring vegetables, and toasted country style bread. We were quite happy noshing on the pâté, and then when it was gone, we realized no one had come to take our order for the rest of the meal. I alerted someone and the problem was quickly remedied. Our new waiter, with a very thick French accent, took care of our table throughout the rest of our meal.

With this being a revamped take on the classic brasserie, I decided to order a few of my favorite classics: French Onion Soup, and Coq Au Vin. The soup was served in a stunning white tureen filled with the rich beef soup, and sweet onions topped off the perfect amount of Gruyère cheese and croutons. Their take on Coq Au Vin was also a delight to the taste buds. The chicken was drunk in its red wine bath, surrounded by thick, tender pieces of bacon, mushrooms, pearl onions, all on a bed of herbed spaetzle; perfection. My friend ordered the Heirloom Beet Salad with Quinoa. I stole a bite or two and the tender beets were so good—accented with the goat cheese, pistachios and their sherry vinaigrette. For his main course he chose the Scallops, which adorn the many posters for DB Brasserie, seared to perfection with green asparagus, wild mushrooms, braised leeks and a light foamy mushroom sauce. One taste and you could see why they felt the need to feature it on so many posters throughout the property. Unfortunately, we were too full to finish our meal “Boulud”-style, by ending our meal with his signature freshly baked Madeleine cookies; yet that does leave me a good reason to go back to this place and channel my French grandmother. 


Wing lovers will rejoice, as the iconic Anchor Bay wings will soon be showing up in the Food Court at the Venetian. The original inventors of the now beloved crispy, saucy, spicy staple Buffalo wings are Anchor Bay Bar. Its flagship restaurant is located on Main Street in Buffalo, New York, and its management is credited with coming up with the original recipe for those wings we crave over half a century ago. Now a chain with a scattering of locations across the country, Anchor Bay is hitting our town on June 15th. Get ready for the long lines once this place opens. 

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