Serendipity 3 - by Vegas Food Nerd


By Vegas Food Nerd

In honor of our Sex and Romance issue, I decided to let my column this month be a tip to all the guys out there on how to up the romance factor with the ladies by following this one small tip. Impress your date by doing something with her that is decidedly “girly.”

Brunch is a big one. Dudes, in general, are not brunch type of folk, but most girls dig a nicely executed brunch. Bouchon, here in town, is one of my favorite picks for a romantic brunch location. The other “girly” thing to do that would surprise your date is a well-planned dessert. Enjoy your favorite dinner spot and shake things up by taking her to another location for the finale of your meal.

One of the most iconic dessert spots in Las Vegas

is the legendary Serendipity 3. The interior is bright, and yes, girly – but that isn’t where you should take your companion for the evening. Venture out onto the patio at night in order to take in the lights and the views of the Caesars Palace fountains and the trolling tourists. This legendary spot for sweets began its journey in New York City with its first location launched in 1954. Celebrities and many foodie tv shows have long touted the place. Rachael Ray went with her show, Oprah featured it on her show, and it has been placed in a few feature length motion pictures such as One Fine Day, and Serendipity. Las Vegas was blessed with its other outpost, and locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the sweets and sundaes that made this restaurant a well-known stop for foodies to visit. The most heralded of their sweet concoctions made famous by Serendipity 3 is their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. The sweet and fun dessert is available to order for one, or even better (for your romance factor) order it to share. The tasty and unique dessert is available in different flavors such as: the original, peanut butter, white chocolate, Oreo, mint, amaretto, vanilla, green tea, mochaccino, double chocolate, and strawberry. You can also add to your chosen flavors a variety of toppings, from sprinkles to chocolate covered espresso beans, to make your delectable creation even more customized to you and your date’s desires. Now don’t get me wrong – this is a restaurant with some standard comfort food classics on the menu that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve enjoyed their pizzas, salads, and like to get their burgers on occasion, but the real draw for me is the mythic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. It is a perfect end to a date, and it gives your lady something to swoon about to her friends in the morning.

I think what makes this stop so romantic is the idea that you can order this dessert and share it in a real 1950’s malt shop kind of way. They serve it to you with two very long straws that encourage romantic glances and smiles that entice. The icy goodness overflows the large cup, and just makes the experience for the night fun in the process. Sharing is caring, right? The taste of this cool treat is sweet, but not overly rich. So many desserts can hit your stomach like a lead bomb. This isn’t like that. It is sweet, whipped up light and airy, and a pleasure to your palate.

This is also a popular brunch destination to hit here in town as well, guys. So you could opt to take your date here on a Sunday morning and end the meal with a dessert that you will not make her feel guilty about indulging in. I repeat: You WILL NOT make her feel guilty about indulging. Men, hear me now: Girls have enough issues with food, weight, and calorie consumption, without you having to voice your opinion on the topic. I will end my mini rant now, and leave you with this… Find some romance, even in the little things. Your partner will be happier. You will be happier. It’s a beautiful domino effect. Now go eat something.

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