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By Chef Charlie Palmer

There’s a reason steakhouses are considered the quintessential American restaurant: They’re incredibly democratic, with food liberty for all. The menus are straightforward, packed with crowd-pleasing dishes, and set up in a way that gives diners the freedom to organize their own meals. Because steakhouses don’t serve composed main course dishes—meaning the chef does not determine what gets served with what—that decision falls to each guest, making steakhouses great places for business dinners, as well as family meals. Everyone gets exactly what they want. And believe me, I have a big family—four hungry boys—and so I know firsthand, how hard it can be to please everyone.

Developed in the late 19th century as “eating clubs,” steakhouses are one of the oldest types of American restaurants. Although you might think of cavernous rooms filled with dark wood and power brokers meeting over slabs of meat and martinis, Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas was designed with something else in mind: I wanted an airy modernist space—something intimate and universally elegant—that would be welcoming to the many women who consider Vegas to be a perfect “girlfriend’s weekend” destination, as well as the astounding number of visitors from around the globe. The incredible cultural diversity of Las Vegas is also one of the reasons I decided to build a bigger menu. While steak will always be the star—it’s Grade A prime—paying the same careful attention to other entree choices—like rustic Slow-Roasted Chicken with Cauliflower, Hazelnuts, Truffles, crusty Pan-Seared Australian Sea Bass with Acorn Squash Risotto, Pomegranates, and plenty of interesting vegetable dishes, so those who forego meat don’t feel forgotten—allows us to please more palates. After all, that’s the reason we’re here.
Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas

has a magnetic ability to draw people who feel like celebrating—iced shellfish platter, anyone? And our menu is made for sharing—reflecting a wide range of flavor, so everyone can make a contribution to the communal meal. Vegetarians can group our sides into a meal that covers all the texture bases: Some dishes are luxuriously creamy, like our trademark Parmesan Potato Gratin, while others are fresh from the field flavor, such as Garlicky Broccolini. Then there are specialties in the spirit of the Southwest, like our Salt-Roasted Chiles, a mild yet pungent mixture that changes with the season.

This same celebratory attitude is on display in our eclectic wine list, presented with the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and representing some of the finest producers in the world. In addition to the classic wines from the Rhone Valley, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Spain, Germany and Italy (that you might expect to find in a steakhouse), we also love to offer wine from little-known producers with a focus on those that produce less than 400 cases, including Napa Valley Cabernet and exciting new Pinot Noir producers from up and down the West Coast.

At its heart, Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas

will always be about the basics done big, sidestepping the corporatized chain offerings to have some fun: Our Bison Osso Bucco with Parsnips and Blood Oranges is braised with a touch of Dr. Pepper, and we do a fantastic Maine Lobster stuffed with Ritz Crackers. No kidding. To me, this is the most important part of Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas: It lets everyone put their personality on the table—ours in what we choose to serve, and yours in the way you choose to experience them. —Charlie

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