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It is truly an exciting time in history, as scientists get closer to the ever-elusive concept of the “fountain of youth.”  And, as oftentimes it occurs during a search for one remedy, other promising possibilities are found.  This may hold true with the drug, Metformin, the first-line treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.  

While Metformin is the most widely prescribed anti-diabetic drug in the world, scientists have found possibilities in its use as an anti-aging pill.

Currently, two studies testing Metformin and its possible protection against multiple diseases of aging are in process:  

TAME ‘‘Targeting Aging with Metformin’’

The TAME study will use Metformin to study biological aging, which may hopefully lead to the discovery of even better drugs to prevent aging-related diseases, which include cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

MILES “Metformin in Longevity”

This study has already been completed at the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the health industry is excited to learn of its results, which have not been published as of yet.  Metformin was investigated as to its possibilities as a treatment to genetically restore the blood sugar levels of older adults with elevated blood sugar (impaired glucose tolerance – IGT) to that of younger subjects with healthy blood sugar levels.  

If data shows Metformin to actually alter the biology of aging in tissues to a younger profile, scientists may have tapped into one of the world’s first concepts of the fountain of youth, with a possible widespread use of the drug as an anti-aging treatment.

As fad diets deceptively promise to restore you to your teenage weight, drugs can often be mistakenly seen as a panacea.  And it can’t be emphasized enough that a lifetime of unhealthy lifestyle and abuse to your body cannot so easily be remedied with just one pill.  Nothing can ever replace the most beneficial methods to truly live a long, vital life:  regular exercise and healthy nutrition.

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HEPATITIS C WITH ONLY 4-WEEK TREATMENTJust two injections of RG-101, in combination with a four-week course of direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapy, has been shown to clear Hepatitis C in patients at both 12 and 24 weeks after treatment in the majority of patients, according to research presented recently at The Liver Meeting.  

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a liver disease commonly spread through blood.  RG-101 is a newly developed therapy, delivered through injection that specifically targets the microNRA in the liver that is essential for HCV to continue to replicate (or stay active) in a person’s body. 


Here are the symptoms:

1. Intrusive thoughts, such as repeated, involuntary memories;  distressing dreams;  or flashbacks of the traumatic event.

2. Avoiding people, places, activities, objects and situations that bring on distressing memories.  Avoiding talking about what happened or how you feel about it.

3. Negative thoughts and feelings may include ongoing and distorted beliefs about oneself or others (e.g., “I am bad” “No one can be trusted”);  ongoing fear, horror, anger, guilt or shame;  much less interest in activities previously enjoyed;  or feeling detached or estranged from others.

4. Arousal and reactive symptoms may include being irritable and having angry outbursts;  behaving recklessly or in a self-destructive way;  being easily startled;  or having problems concentrating or sleeping.



The Vote is In. No: 4,553,833 (53.94%)  Yes: 3,888,895 (46.06%)

The adult film industry got their word out loud and clear in California on November 8th.  Most adult films are produced in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, along with a great deal starting to be produced in Las Vegas.  In November 2012, Los Angeles approved Measure B, which required pornography actors to wear condoms on set.  (Cal/OSHA) requires condom use during sex in pornographic films, but it is not really enforced, as this requirement is in response to complaints, which there usually are none.  

Proposition 60 would have required adult film producers to provide condoms and make sure that performers use them during scenes in which actors engage in vaginal or anal sex.  This is where things getting sticky.  Almost all performers in today’s market are producers as well, as they produce their own content for websites, clip stores, trade, etc.  While condoms would have not been needed to be visible in films distributed to consumers, producers would have needed to prove that condoms were used.  The bill also contained language that would allow anyone watching a film that the performers were not having protected sex to sue the producer of the film, and access the legal names and addresses of the performers.  This essentially would open up all performers/producers to potential lawsuits, fines and loss of privacy.  The costs of performers’ workplace-related medical examinations, sexually-transmitted infections (STI) tests, and STI vaccines would have been covered by film producers under the measure, where they are now the responsibility of the performer.  

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation run by Michael Weinstein, who built a job for himself into the proposal, contributed approximately $5 million dollars to the proposal, while their opponents, organized as the Coalition Against Worker Harassment, received $545,719.  The California DNC, GOP, Green Party and Libertarian Party all opposed the measure.

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