NORM CLARKE - Coffee and a little "What's Good"



Coffee and a little "What's Good"
By Marla Santos

In Las Vegas, morning coffee and Norm Clarke’s column of confidential information go hand in hand. Norm was not your normal “spiller of dirt” gossip columnist, but rather a historian, chronicling the fascinating events and people that flow through Vegas every day and night. For years, Norm has chronicled the best of Las Vegas, and in his own unassuming way he, himself, has become the epitome of the very best of Las Vegas.  

After a 17-year run as a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Norm Clarke has decided to retire. He cited that his priorities had changed after a seven-week medical leave, and that time with his wife Cara, and their two pups, Rumor and Scandal, was now more important than ever.  

The hours were long and demanding to ensure that every morning we woke with his column to enlighten us with the latest gossip and news of what was happening in our city. Norm was the one who broke the news about Britney Spears’ quickie wedding; that Celine Dion was moving to Las Vegas

; and that Michael Jackson arrived here on Christmas Eve in 2006, ending his self-exile overseas. He gave us the inside scoop when Steven Wynn and George Clooney had an epic argument at Wynn’s then Botaro Steakhouse, and made sure we were the first to know the Tiger Woods infidelity story was going to be made public. He offered insights into all things that included entertainment, sports, and the movers and shakers that make Vegas the truly unique place that the world has so devotedly called Sin City.  

In an interview back in 2006 with STRIPLV Magazine, I was pleasantly surprised to learn Norm was such a gentleman. After being found five years prostate cancer-free, I asked him what he hoped to be doing in 10-15 years. The diligent journalist replied with: “Well, to be honest, I hope I’m still doing this in 10 years. I don’t know about 15, but if I can stay healthy, I’d love to have another 10 years.”  

Well, here it is 10 years later, and after decades of reading enjoyment, it is a sad day that I will no longer have him to read every morning. But we wish Norm the very best and will keep our eyes open for a book that he still has to author with 50-60 vignettes that he had wanted to incorporate into a book titled: “It’s All News To Me”.  

“Conversations with Norm”

“Conversations with Norm” is a quarterly interview presentation hosted by longtime Review-Journal man-about-town columnist Norm Clarke, who covered the celebrity scene until his recent retirement. His September 25th guests will be Clint Holmes and his multi-talented wife, Kelly Clinton. Holmes has returned to the Strip with a new show titled “Between the Lines” at the Palazzo Theatre. “Conversations with Norm” is on Sept. 25, 2016 at The Smith Center’s intimate 240-seat Cabaret Jazz theater. Present your “Conversations With Norm” ticket stub to your server at Hugo’s Cellar restaurant for 10% off one entrée per ticket through 10/31/16. Proceeds will benefit the education and outreach programs at The Smith Center. Tickets are $25 and are available at:

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