By Bebe Grant

Avengers, assemble! This new interactive exhibit at Treasure Island Hotel Casino is a dream come true for comic book enthusiasts and fans of the Marvel movies everywhere. If you’ve ever wanted to become Captain America, Iron Man, or in my case, Black Widow—then you are going to want to head to this new and fun attraction that just opened up at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. It is the first installation of its kind, with more locations planned for the future.

Two Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. escort you into a blindingly white corridor, and then agent Maria Hill (actress Cobie Smulders) asks you: “Do you have what it takes?” No one next to me said no. Not even Robin Leach. So I figured I’d better venture into training to be an actual Avenger. ‘There might actually be some champagne in there if I get rattled during training,’ I hoped. Typically, there aren’t drinks allowed in the exhibit, but for our group, (aka Press), we got to enjoy a few drinks along the way. Sadly, no bubbly… but some good white wine was offered along the way.  

First up is the original Avenger, Steve Rogers. You use either your phone or a rental device to guide you through the super-interactive museum. Take my advice and download the app from your Apple or Google platform before going. The rental devices were the ones we used that night, and they had a few glitches. The app is free and you can make sure your headphones are in working order before going, or excuse me, begin your training. You then proceed to weave in and out through the creation of each Avenger. Become Iron Man and fly over the desert destroying things and generally, blowing things up. You end the whole experience as a team, and together, before you leave, it is up to your team to destroy Ultron. I decimated the guy.  

Then, upon exiting the museum, you get your official Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Badge. I didn’t look like Scarlett Johansson on it, but I had fun. So do you have what it takes? 

Ticket Prices range from $24 - $34. For more information, visit:

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