Grocery shopping just got a little easier for those that shop at Smith’s Food & Drug on 3850 E. Flamingo Rd.  New locations will be opening later this year, as well. 
Basically, you go online the day before you want to pick up your order, and park in the designated “Click List” parking spot, and call in to the store.  Then a Smith’s associate comes directly out to your car and loads the groceries right into your trunk.  You then proceed to check out from the portable mobile device that the associate has in their hands, and you’re on your way.  Grocery shopping without even having to step one foot out of your vehicle! 
Consumers are continuing to embrace online based ordering.  On the day that I was able to try the service, my son and I drove to the store, which was a bit farther away than I bargained for, and I of course got caught in traffic.  I missed my pickup time for my order by about five minutes.  The staff called me to make sure that I was still planning on getting it.  I told them about my traffic mishap and they quickly and politely assured me that it would be there when I arrived.  It was very clearly marked where to park and how to pick up your order.  After my grocery order had been safely loaded, my son hopped in back to get his coveted item:  Gushers, and then hopped back in his seat to devour a few packs while we headed back.  
In the end, the store did get a few of the items I ordered wrong.  But you have to keep in mind that this was the store’s very first day using the new “Click List” system.  For busy executives, the elderly, and/or the disabled, this may be revolutionary for them buying their items on their grocery lists.  I’m not so sure how much I’d use the service, but it is a welcome option for others, who aren’t food nerds like me who like to personally sniff their produce before placing the item in my cart. 

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