SEXXY Topless Revue by Santodonato


SEXXY Topless Revue by Santodonato
Show producer and lead dancer/choreographer, Jennifer Romas, has put together a complete package with her show, Sexxy: talent, on-point choreography, alluring dancers, great music and first-class production value.  

But what really strikes you when you see the show is that the girls can really dance! Everyone in the cast is dynamic, very talented and unique in her own way. Romas, herself, has got to be one of the best dancers in town. Years of expertise in dancing and choreography are evident, as she and her cast bring the audience on a wildly sensual ride that gets your heart pumping.

The down ‘n dirty groove of Ginuwine’s “Pony” got the juices flowing with the first note of its raunchy bass line, with rocking blonde Alexandria Halbauer riding the wooden horse with a derriere that wouldn’t quit, black chaps and all. Veronica Collazo and Elaine Hoxie join in, making things even hotter.  

Enigma’s “Principles of Lust” was another standout number with Collazo and Hoxie getting things sensual and hot in a sexual lesbian lust-fest joined by the other cast members for a beautifully directed orgy.  

When the stage goes dark and Michael Bublé’s sexy “Feeling Good” begins, Romas appears in the middle of the theater on a small pole stage. She gently winds her limber body around the pole to Bublé’s silky voice and proceeds to make your jaw drop as she “kills it,” displaying her stellar pole work with incredible prowess and phenomenal strength. 

Not only does the show feature great dancers, but it also features the incredibly talented Gabriella Versace, who has a rocking set of pipes. This woman can sing and I really enjoyed her in the show.

Absolutely delightful was Collazo’s “French Maid” solo performance, playful and animated to Bjork’s, “It’s Oh So Quiet”. The svelte brunette performs dressed as a French Maid, and wows the audience in this energetic performance that was extraordinarily sexy.

One of the biggest standouts of the night was Romas’ number in a claw foot tub. She performs a modern, well-choreographed dance that showcases her dancing wonderfully. She strips and teases, and washes her hard, hot body with the water, drenching herself with it with a sponge, as she moves in, over, around and on top of that tub with such ease—graceful, yet sexually aggressive at the same time. 

This is a must-see show! Go check it out.  

SEXXY performs in the Shimmer Cabaret at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Wed.-Sat. at 10:30pm. Ages 18+ 800-732-7117 •

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