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By Jeff Alexander

Black Mountain. Sounds eerily beautiful and yet foreboding, doesn’t it? Well, that’s very much the way you will experience this 18-hole layout in Henderson, just south and east of the Las Vegas McCarran Airport. (It’s about a fifteen-minute cab ride from McCarran. Add another ten minutes, if you’re leaving from the Strip.) Black Mountain is a membership course which allows public play daily at reasonable rates, with a wonderful welcoming attitude from the entire staff.  

It’s the course itself that tends to 
jump up and bite you in the ass.

Constructed on low, flat (acreage), Black Mountain is quite reminiscent of courses back East that are cut out of what were once farmlands. You’re not apt to lose any golf balls on this course, moderately straight drives will keep you in play, and the shortness of the course (approximately 6500 yards from the back tees) seem to indicate it’s an easy course; a walk in the park. But Black Mountain ate up my playing partner and myself. Bogies were flying fast and furious. Both he and I are fairly long off the tee, so we were in position to reach all of the greens in regulation, but that’s where the course hardens and really becomes a challenge.

The greens are small, tight and fast. Moreover, they’re devilishly protected by sand traps and rough. If you don’t hit the greens, you’re left with tricky approach shots that more often than not will leave you with at least a two-putt and maybe a three-putt. Ergo-bogey or double-bogey. Although the overall length of the course is moderate, six of the par fours on the two nines we played (Horizon and Founders) were 400 yards plus, and with the conditions around the greens that I mentioned above, were easy to bogey, but hard to par. The par threes were from 162 to 188 yards in length, and the longest par five was only 544 yards. So it seems easy. But Black Mountain is definitely the kind of course, that when you’re finished, you say to yourself: “Why didn’t I score better? I’ve gotta play this course again. I know I can score on it!”

There’s a reason why Black Mountain is the site for the U.S. Open and Public Links qualifying rounds. It is a deceivingly tough course that I can envision even scratch golfers pulling their hair out over. It is truly a beautiful course, but tough even for the serious golfer—but don’t let me scare you off. If you’re a Vegas local, definitely put Black Mountain on your must-play list. If you’re here to enjoy the incomparable 3 G’s of Las Vegas, (Golf, Gambling, and Girls—not necessarily in that order) Black Mountain, although not as plush as some of the more pricey courses here, will more than fulfill your desire for a great round of golf. I suggest you play it more than once, because it will challenge your golfing ability and draw you back to its eerie beauty and foreboding difficulty. The friendly members and professional staff will make your day one of fun and you’ll be amazed at how lightly your wallet will be tapped. Photo:

Black Mountain Golf 500 Greenway Rd. • Henderson, NV 89015
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