Back in the day, a suit from Sears was the social equivalent of having to take your sister to The Prom. Buying any suit from any mall store, really, to the fashion elite, was a big “no-no, daaaarling.” Yet with the advent of “suiting up,” a term made famous from the highly successful TV comedy, “How I Met Your Mother”, a new breed of mall suits have emerged, and the tailored suit has made a comeback, even in boring, old suburbia. Price is right brands are all getting into the tailored suit trend, as well. J. Crew, Express, Banana Republic and more, are now offering custom-sized suits that fit like Ryan Gosling’s. It is good news for us mere mortals that can’t afford the Versace version of how we need to dress to impress for a job interview, or God forbid, meet the in-laws for the first time. The Todd Snyder white label suit is wildly popular with the in-crowd right now and you need not go any further than your local Nordstrom’s to pick one up. Looking for a khaki suit for the summer that won’t break your wallet? Express can hook you up for under $300. Basically, if you want to dress like the boss and not the assistant, we suggest that you follow these tips.

• Make sure your suit is fitted perfectly to your frame. Hint: The tailors at the stores are there to help you with this.

• Match your socks with your trousers or slacks, or whatever we’re supposed to call them these days.

• Shoes matter. Investing in a classic pair of black and brown dress shoes elevates your status in the fashion world. Sadly, $200 is the minimum price for true dress-to-impress kicks.

• If you wear jeans to work, they need to be clean and fitted. Baggy, holey jeans have no place in the workforce, unless you are a former member of a highly successful hair band. So basically, Bret Michaels will always get a pass.

• Learn how to properly tie a tie. If your Grandpa didn’t teach you, then find an online course that will. A sharply fashioned tie is something Don Draper always sported, no matter how many martini lunches he had.

• Rock some stylish shades. Sunglasses suggest a slight big of arrogance that most truly accomplished people always seem to exude. A pair of Prada’s that you might see Bono wearing is impressive at first glance, yet can be over-the-top when first meeting someone, so be sure to take them off and make direct eye contact on first introductions. Bono has macular degeneration as an excuse—you don’t.

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